So previously, I said that Typinator was pretty awesome. You type in a code and text gets automatically inserted. I still think it’s pretty awesome, because you can download a script and it will automatically do a currency exchange

Example video on how it works can be downloaded here

However, I found another program, called TextExpander. It has the ability to insert keys between the expansions. Example, today I posted on the CL_nerdalert twitter using the sign-in feature from 365psd.com. I have a bunch of different passwords, to be more secure, so I hardly remember what it is since I don’t use it often. With TextExpander, I type in a code, and it automatically inserts the user name, presses tab, and the inserts the password.
Sure, there are security issues if someone gets on your computer and opens up TextExpander, I don’t use it for everything, but for simple sites that I don’t really worry about people accessing, I don’t think it’s a problem. Plus, whenever someone else uses my computer, I have them use a guest account so they can feel free to do whatever

Click here to view a short video of TextExpander in action