MP3 and Disk Space

So I am a lover of music. I have over 80GB on my laptop. Recently, it was running super slow because I only had 10GB free. Your computer works best whenever at least 20% of the hard drive is free.

I saw in my iTunes that I had some music files that were super large, with a bitrate of 320 or more. Unless you are a super fancy DJ, you don’t need files that big. I went on a mission and found all of the files (by sorting by bitrate in itunes) that were above 192. My DJ friend said that was an acceptable bitrate for normal use, parties, headphones etc.

I then copied them to a folder on my desktop, and deleted the files from itunes. Next I used a program called Max to convert the large files into smaller files. There is a setting in the preferences that will delete the source file (so your hard drive won’t explode) and only leave the new file.

Once you are done, you can just reimport into iTunes and voila, hello hard drive space!

Download an example video here