Alfred App. Download it.

I’ll be using alfred all in almost all of my demos

I insist!! haha. Buying the powerpack is recommended.

Download it here and then make the default opening shortcut command+spacebar. [View screenshot]

Make sure to disable command+spacebar default shortcut for spotlight. [View Screenshot]

Command+space – your new access to google, spotlight search, google translate, calculator, bookmarks, everything!

Mail: The red icon – who is it?
GrowlMail can help.

I found a great plugin for Mail OS X. During the day, I’m usually working in Photoshop or InDesign, and see the infamous red icon that show how many new messages I have. I often think – ok, who is it, is it important? Or is it just my daily coolhunting e-mail. Necessarily I’d like to finish what I’m doing before reading my e-mail, but being the fast responder that I like to be – I need to check.

This causes me to switch over to mail many times a day – I get a lot of e-mails!

The solution, GrowlMail. A free plugin that displays the sender, to which account the email was sent to, and a bit of the message. If you need to read the message, just click on the growl notification. If you don’t want, to read it, the notification will disappear in a couple seconds. (That setting can be changed in system preferneces > Growl > Displays > Duration Slide Bar. Screenshot)

Click here to download the plugin

Free PSD Buttons and CSS too!

Thought this was pretty awesome, included the CSS code to go along with their button PSD. Click on image below for direct link.

Keyboards – Galore – Download!

Click on images for links.

Instagram Photoshop Actions

Want to apply instaram actions to your files on your computer? Use these photoshop actions!

Can’t find that song?

Very often I don’t remember the name of the song that I am dying to listen to. I wondered if there was a function to “scan” my itunes library, like on a car radio when back in 1992 when I was trying to find something good to listen to while driving to school. I found this itunes script called needledrop, where you can program it to scan through your songs, or a playlist, and only play a certain amount of time. You can also start the preview in the middle of the song. (For Example, play for a duration of 10 seconds, starting at the 1:30 from the beginning of the track

F Keys and Tab – A Must

If you want to be a shortcut master, these settings for your keyboard are a must. It will change the default for your function keys. So when you want to press F8, that’s it. If you want to change the volume on your mac, you will have to press function then F10/F11. I know this may seem backwards, but once you get in the flow – for photoshop keyboard shortcuts to be posted, you will see that having access to these keys are a must. Click through to see where to change the settings.


Changing your keyboard to “All Keyboard Controls” allows you to manipulate buttons that appear in dialog boxes with the keyboard. Whenever you are replacing files, or the “don’t save / replace” dialog button pops up. You can press tab and then enter to move the selected button.

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Backing Up

Dropbox is awesome. I have a 50GB account and use it for everything. I keep an alias on my desktop and host all of my current working files there.

If something happens and I accidentally save over a file, you can use the “Restore previous version” feature – which is the bomb.

Sugarsync is another service like dropbox, but has an interface that is a bit more complicated. The good part about sugarsync is their free account is 5GB. Also, you don’t have to put files in a specifc directory like you do for dropbox. I use Sugarsync to back up my Mail OS X Folder (username/Library/Mail and username/Library/Mail Downloads) and also my fonts (username/FontExplorer). Those are two directories that can’t necessarily be moved to the dropbox directory. I usually only leave sugarsync on overnight. Having Dropbox (I turn it off sometimes if I’m working on large files and don’t want them to upload immediately).and Sugarsync on all of the time might decrease your CPU speed. If you have a fast internet connection though, no worries!