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F Keys and Tab – A Must

If you want to be a shortcut master, these settings for your keyboard are a must. It will change the default for your function keys. So when you want to press F8, that’s it. If you want to change the volume on your mac, you will have to press function then F10/F11. I know this may seem backwards, but once you get in the flow – for photoshop keyboard shortcuts to be posted, you will see that having access to these keys are a must. Click through to see where to change the settings.


Changing your keyboard to “All Keyboard Controls” allows you to manipulate buttons that appear in dialog boxes with the keyboard. Whenever you are replacing files, or the “don’t save / replace” dialog button pops up. You can press tab and then enter to move the selected button.

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This is a simple keyboard shortcut that I use almost every 30 seconds. Shift+Command+D. It works within a save as dialog box, as well as in the finder.  Video Below.

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